Gedanken zur Nacht

You're in love,

when you miss someone more than everything,
when you miss a person laughing at you,
a person making fun of you.
When you miss all these little things that bothered you before,
that's when you're in love.

You're in love,

when you feel more lonely than before,
when you compare every boy to another one,
and no one is good enough.
When you're scared to think of the future, 'cause you could be without him,
that's when you're in love.

You're in love,

when you still have hope, when all your hope is gone,
when you don't shed a tear, when you should cry a thousand tears,
and all because you know that someone would not want you to.
When you can do, feel and think all these things,
then you're definitely in love.

Well love,
love is what you make out of it,
but it is not you, that makes you feel this way.
It's a mixture of feelings,
which steals your senses.
It happens to everyone,
but you do not know when.
So if it happens, just keep your head high.
It is one thing, to be hurt,
but if you let people see, how easy they can hurt you,
you've lost.
So whatever you do,
Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll still be somewhere among the stars...

It's not the hardest thing,
to be lost alone,
but if you see someone,
who wants to pull you out,
and you get hope the moment your helpers hand reaches you,
but then,
it leaves you within a moment all that hard-worked for hope will leave with your helpers hand.
And you will be left alone,
but with nothing anymore,
than desperation.
And mistreating which you will give to the next helpers hand.

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